Mighty Stallion 5 A Stallion’s Heart


A Stallion’s Heart, book five in the Mighty Stallion series by Victoria (Kasten) Tecken.

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A Stallion’s Heart – Book Five of the Mighty Stallion series:

Books in the Mighty Stallion series present a narrative based in American History, all told through the eyes of the horses who lived in America’s wild western frontier. Each book is a stand alone story of one of the descendants of the mighty Sariavo, the hero of the first book. 

A Stallion’s Heart follows the story of two stallion brothers as they set off on their own wild journey to begin their herd and become part of the Pony Express!

Victoria (Kasten) Tecken began the Mighty Stallion series at age twelve, and the first book was published in 2005 when she turned 14. What began as a simple home schooling project to print a book snowballed into a high school career that included over 10,000 books sold, traveling the country as a motivational speaker, and teaching thousands of children and adults about writing. The Mighty Stallion books have been beloved by their readers for over a decade, and continue to capture the imagination of both boys and girls who love horses. 


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